Monthly Archives: November 2009

Wrong side(s) of the tracks

Recently, I’ve been reading a series of local history booklets put out by the Toronto Public Library Board.

Maple tree, late Autumn

Transit fare hike sketchbook omnibus, part 2

Transit fare hike sketchbook omnibus, part 1

Good pint, bad pint

I like a good pint. I’m not thrilled that a pint costs six or seven dollars in Toronto, but a good bartender trumps my innate cheapness anytime. Alas, a good bartender can be hard to find.

Not one nickel more!

Since June, Toronto merchants have been legally required to charge customers five cents per plastic bag. The by-law is intended to cut down on waste and encourage shoppers to carry their own reusable bags with them.

Whether motivated by green thinking, thrift, or annoyance, “I don’t need a bag” has become a common phrase at the till.  And now you regularly see citizens walking around carrying random bits of grocery in their hands.

Soup hat trick

Hue's Kitchen, pho

It’s rare that I get addicted to a restaurant, but Hue’s Kitchen has gotten its spicy claws into my tastebuds. This new Viet-Thai joint on King Street West makes its broths fresh daily, and the flavour is shockingly good. This weekend, I had Hue’s (spicy) Soup, Vegetable Hot & Sour Soup, and Spicy Ox-tail & Rare Beef Pho. Which soup was the best? They are all the best.

Though I just returned from there, I have the urge to order some take-out.

Hue’s Kitchen
1226 King Street West, Toronto, ON
(416) 536-8688‎ (take out/delivery)