Monthly Archives: February 2010

Valentine’s Day is over

Press Pass sketches

The organizers of Press Pass, a monthly gathering of journalists at The Press Club, asked me to be the official sketch artist at the February 3rd event. I hadn’t done that kind of hit-and-run drawing for a while and I think I want to do more. It’s pretty thrilling.

Rather than redraw the pencil sketches into a scene, as I originally planned, I decided to simply add some colour highlights and keep them nice and raw.

Winter man in Etobicoke

Roncesvalles Ice Sculpture

All the pipes on Roncesvalles Avenue are being replaced, in a project that will take over a year to complete. It’s a mess to be sure, but never more so than when the hydrant relief valves are left open over a frigid weekend. Free skating on Roncy!

Charity bin still life

Pile Drivers off Old Weston Road

The daily pile driving along the Go Train tracks sounds like an enormous heart beating over The Junction.

Camper Van Beethoven at Lee’s Palace