Monthly Archives: March 2012

Chinatown Right-Of-Way

I was thinking about the heated subways vs. LRT debate taking place at City Hall when I saw this worker crossing Spadina’s dedicated streetcar lane with his burden of fruit boxes. Try your hardest, Toronto politicians, bureaucrats and engineers, you’ll never tame this crazy town.

City Bingo

While stuck on the King streetcar, our 11-year-old guest inquired, “Why do they call it The Rocket?”

We’re heading downtown again today, so we figured a new Bingo card was in order. (If you want to play, click on the image for a print-quality version.)

QEW travel bingo

My wife and I are hosting our friends’ 11-year-old daughter over Spring Break. There’s nothing more boring for a kid than a long car ride, so we’ve been creating travel bingo games to help her pass the time. For today’s Niagara Falls trip, I drew up a special Queen Elizabeth Way bingo card.

A lot of the squares are very QEW-specific, as anyone who has made this drive will attest. In addition to the animals, factories and roadside kitsch, I included an instant win space for “yellow car”. This is a salute to San Francisco artist Shane Montgomery, who having noted the rarity of yellow cars, organized a yellow car parade.

If you’re taking a trip on the QEW, feel free to print out a copy of this bingo card (click on the card below to see a larger version). Just for fun, there’s a license plate game, too.

No Pigeons!

I thought the “No Pigeons” sign on the door of My Market Bakery was a joke until this morning. But when I walked into the Kensington Market bakery, a staffer came out of the kitchen with a pair of tongs. “You let the pigeon in,” she explained.

Apparently, this particular pigeon hangs around the front of the bakery each morning, waiting for a customer to open the door. She then runs inside and tries to eat as many crumbs off the floor as she can before being hustled outside again.

On my way out of the bakery (with some excellent multigrain bread), the ejected pigeon was once again waiting by the door, and nearly made it past me.


Your DIY-ing narrator takes a trip to the hospital (click the image to view it larger).