QEW travel bingo

My wife and I are hosting our friends’ 11-year-old daughter over Spring Break. There’s nothing more boring for a kid than a long car ride, so we’ve been creating travel bingo games to help her pass the time. For today’s Niagara Falls trip, I drew up a special Queen Elizabeth Way bingo card.

A lot of the squares are very QEW-specific, as anyone who has made this drive will attest. In addition to the animals, factories and roadside kitsch, I included an instant win space for “yellow car”. This is a salute to San Francisco artist Shane Montgomery, who having noted the rarity of yellow cars, organized a yellow car parade.

If you’re taking a trip on the QEW, feel free to print out a copy of this bingo card (click on the card below to see a larger version). Just for fun, there’s a license plate game, too.

2 responses to “QEW travel bingo

  1. Love to hear if she found any items, or got close to bingo!

    • She got a BINGO just past Hamilton. (Actually, she saw a giant yellow van on Lakeshore minutes after we started the trip, but a win that quick seemed unsporting).

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