Monthly Archives: June 2012

Tourism slogan

Yesterday, I spent seven grimy hours cleaning windows. To keep my mind occupied, I thought up cheesy new tourism slogans for Toronto. “Toronto, it’s the shit!” and “The Half-Measures City” are alright, but this my favourite.

Picking up chicks in Parkdale

Football day in Little Portugal

In the second round of the UEFA cup, Portugal is playing the Czech Republic, and Little Portugal (which is pretty big, truth be told) is teeming with Portugal supporters. This van parked on a vacant lot on College Street is selling mostly Portuguese flags, but a few other UEFA teams are represented as well.

One big change I’ve noticed this tournament: Canadian flags are hanging along side Portugal and Azores flags on porches for the first time.

Monday evening traffic

A pair of odd ducks sharing a lane on Davenport Road.

The Sinkhole & Berry-Go-Round District

The parked Berry-Go-Round adds a little colour to this block of one-bay auto repair shops. This is the second year in a row that Osler Street has caved in during spring runoff. Traffic on Dupont/Annette actually moves a little smoother during sinkhole season.