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Another big box store planned for a street near Kensington Market, another rash of hand-wringing. Unless the new Loblaw’s has an aisle like this, I think the Market will carry on as it always has.

No Pigeons!

I thought the “No Pigeons” sign on the door of My Market Bakery was a joke until this morning. But when I walked into the Kensington Market bakery, a staffer came out of the kitchen with a pair of tongs. “You let the pigeon in,” she explained.

Apparently, this particular pigeon hangs around the front of the bakery each morning, waiting for a customer to open the door. She then runs inside and tries to eat as many crumbs off the floor as she can before being hustled outside again.

On my way out of the bakery (with some excellent multigrain bread), the ejected pigeon was once again waiting by the door, and nearly made it past me.

Toronto Weston Flea Market

It your interest in food markets runs less towards organic provenance and more towards the sort of place where a teenager offers fruit samples off the tip of a machete, the Toronto Weston Flea Market is your place. It is overflowing with cheap fruit and veg, and is open every weekend, year round.

Quiche clown

Sketches of Montreal

You Windy Rathole needed a change of scenery, so it went east for inspiration. Here are some sketches of a hot summer weekend in Montreal (Tip: click on the picture to view the page larger).

The Decade in Rats

Not one nickel more!

Since June, Toronto merchants have been legally required to charge customers five cents per plastic bag. The by-law is intended to cut down on waste and encourage shoppers to carry their own reusable bags with them.

Whether motivated by green thinking, thrift, or annoyance, “I don’t need a bag” has become a common phrase at the till.  And now you regularly see citizens walking around carrying random bits of grocery in their hands.