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Growth spurt for You Windy Rathole!

You Windy Rathole!, Rob Elliott’s Toronto sketchbook, doubled its posts and almost tripled its readers in 2012. The most popular post was the Toronto Symphony Orchestra improved seating plan, in part due to a reposting on the classicaal music blog Musical Toronto.

A comic foreshadowing of the Toronto condo scene was also popular, as was a strip detailing Rob’s trip to the hospital after breaking his thumb with a hammer.

Click here to see the complete report.

Hurricane Sandy sketchbook

While You Windy Rathole is chiefly a Toronto sketchbook, this bit of cross-pollination seems suitable. I was marooned in New York City during the hurricane last week and produced a 37-page sketchbook. It includes fallen trees, drowned cars, blackened skyscrapers, a daring break-in, and a wedding!

At the Swizzle Studio blog, you’ll find direct links to the entire sketchbook both as a Flickr gallery and as a downloadable PDF.
Here: http://swizzlestudio.com/2012/11/hurricane-sandy-diary/

Football day in Little Portugal

In the second round of the UEFA cup, Portugal is playing the Czech Republic, and Little Portugal (which is pretty big, truth be told) is teeming with Portugal supporters. This van parked on a vacant lot on College Street is selling mostly Portuguese flags, but a few other UEFA teams are represented as well.

One big change I’ve noticed this tournament: Canadian flags are hanging along side Portugal and Azores flags on porches for the first time.

Chinatown Right-Of-Way

I was thinking about the heated subways vs. LRT debate taking place at City Hall when I saw this worker crossing Spadina’s dedicated streetcar lane with his burden of fruit boxes. Try your hardest, Toronto politicians, bureaucrats and engineers, you’ll never tame this crazy town.


Your DIY-ing narrator takes a trip to the hospital (click the image to view it larger).