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Summer Jogging Poll

Sex club gutted

There’s bedbugs, and then there’s bed bugs.

Queen Street West sex club Wicked was throwing out a heap of vinyl furniture on Tuesday night. I never get too close to garbage furniture in this bedbug-infested town, but there was something extra “ewwww” about Wicked’s cast-offs.

Late-Winter Archaeology

The dreary final leg of winter has begun – the soot-coloured snow melts and refreezes repeatedly, revealing months worth of hidden trash. Why not pass the time while waiting for the bus by examining the “Toronto Popsicle” for evidence of human and animal life? (click image to view large)

Rain bikes

Trashed again

little garbage strike-s

Mountains of garbage have been growing along Toronto’s commercial streets all week. Eye Weekly’s Edward Keenan explains what’s going in his column this week, but here’s the story in shorthand:

  • The City changed the garbage pick-up rules for residents living above storefronts
  • The City claims to have informed the residents
  • The residents clearly did not get the message
  • The City will teach them and the rest of the citizenry a lesson by letting the garbage pile up into huge mountains.

As of 10 p.m last night, the weekend partiers on Ossington and Queen West were already stumbling over the piles.