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Winter in Humber Bay Park

I didn’t know Humber Bay Park existed until last Sunday, when my wife turned right off of Lakeshore Boulevard in a desperate attempt to double down on snow and sun before a forecasted warm front arrived. We weren’t alone in our desire to enjoy the blue sky and crisp air. (view large)



Late-Winter Archaeology

The dreary final leg of winter has begun – the soot-coloured snow melts and refreezes repeatedly, revealing months worth of hidden trash. Why not pass the time while waiting for the bus by examining the “Toronto Popsicle” for evidence of human and animal life? (click image to view large)

The badmouthing tradition

Many years ago, on a particularly vile early Spring day, the sort where the calendar sings “April” but one only sees filthy piles of melting slush, I exclaimed in frustration, “Oh Toronto, you windy rathole!” I’ve always liked the sound of that phrase, and even did a mock tourism ad using it.

You Windy Rathole tourism poster

I was a bit apprehensive about using it for the blog title, as I thought it might set an overly-negative tone for all that is to follow. Imagine my delight to discover that humourously badmouthing Toronto has been popular since the city began.  Just have a look at what Parkdale poet and cartoonist John Wilson Bergough had to say about Toronto in 1877 (Toronto was trying to annex all of the neighbouring villages in those days)!

John Wilson Bergough, 1877