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Many Mockingbirds are excellent mimics, adeptly imitating a score or more of the other species found in the neighborhood. (p. 124, A Field Guide to Birds, Roger Tory Peterson, 1947)

Monday evening traffic

A pair of odd ducks sharing a lane on Davenport Road.

Queen Victoria daydreams

Notorious colony hoarder Queen Victoria wonders what it’d be like to own some of Antarctica.

Top Producer mask

Realtors don’t seem to read the “No Junk Mail or Flyers” sign on my mailbox. There’s not much I can can do about it, except maybe create masks out of their cheesy photos.

This Monday is Walpurgis, the “Other Hallowe’en” celebrated in some Northern European countries. Why not print out this realtor mask and scare the neighbours?

Easter Sunday in High Park

Chinatown Right-Of-Way

I was thinking about the heated subways vs. LRT debate taking place at City Hall when I saw this worker crossing Spadina’s dedicated streetcar lane with his burden of fruit boxes. Try your hardest, Toronto politicians, bureaucrats and engineers, you’ll never tame this crazy town.

City Bingo

While stuck on the King streetcar, our 11-year-old guest inquired, “Why do they call it The Rocket?”

We’re heading downtown again today, so we figured a new Bingo card was in order. (If you want to play, click on the image for a print-quality version.)